TangledBugs 1.36

Help the bugs unwind the web


  • Cool graphics
  • Innovative gameplay
  • Touchscreen control


  • Steep learning curve
  • Gets repetitive

Personally I detest creepy crawlies and there's nothing I hate more than walking through a spider's web and enduring the ensuing panic as I try to pull it all off my face before Incy Wincey comes along.

Someone told me the best way to overcome your fears is to confront them. I wasn't ready to dip my head into a big bucket of spiders though, so I thought I'd try out this Windows Mobile game to improve my web-untangling skills without having to face a real-life arachnid.

When you first start out, TangledBugs seems a little complicated. You're faced with a tangled mess of spindles that you must unravel by moving around the bugs that each end is attached to. You can't move to the next level until none of the lines are crossing each other.

Once you've checked out the in-game demonstration it becomes easier to understand. You soon realise that when the lines turn green it means that they don't intersect another line, leaving you free to concentrate on untangling the rest of the web.

Of course, you could just sit there randomly moving the lines around until they all go green, but in the timed, sudden-death mode a little more logic is required in order to get out before it's too late. The graphics are pretty slick and being able to control the game using the touchscreen is a real boon, but ultimately I found the game gave be a headache because of the sheer complexity of some of the puzzles.

Nevertheless, TangledBugs is ideal for anyone who wants to keep their brain engaged on a long trip.

While the spiders were moving around the forest, they got their webs completely tangled up. Try to move the bugs around and untangle the mess. Crossing lines are shown in white, untangled lines in green.

Four game modes are currently available: Classic Play where you start by untangling 6 bugs, then 10, 15, 20, etc... Until you give up ! Then there's Sudden Death: you only have 20 seconds per level ! Thankfully, you can accumulate time over several levels. The higher the level, the more time left when you finish it, and the higher you score. In this mode, only 2 bugs are added per level.



TangledBugs 1.36

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